Free Song! PJ Anderson "Your Grace is Amazing"


Download Of The Week
PJ Anderson

PJ Anderson is a Christian singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN. PJ has a unique ability to connect with his listener. He can write songs that touch those places deep down in your heart where joy and pain reside in harmony. His heartfelt lyrics strike a chord and draw out those emotions that are waiting to be uncovered. His worship opens hearts to the love of the Lord and helps every worshipper enter into the presence of Our God. We are celebrating PJ's album release week by giving you a preview of his new record. This week enjoy a free download of his song "Your Grace Is Amazing" off his new album RISE

FREE 6 Song Sampler From Ellie Holcomb!


Download Of The Week
Ellie Holcomb

This week enjoy a free 6-song download sampler from Ellie Holcomb on noisetrade. For those of you who aren't familiar with Noise Trade it's a website where artists can upload an album, EP, single, or live recording. Within minutes, their content is available for discovery and download. And it's completely FREE for both artists and fans. It's a great way to discover new and upcoming artists. Check it out!
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