FREE Song! Kilo "Living In Reality"


I started Kilo in 2013 after moving back to Minnesota from Los Angeles. 
I knew where my passions were: in creating and performing meaningful music.
However, my goals and hopes no longer lie in the prospect of "making it" or "becoming popular" or even in "creating art." My hope for this band is that it becomes your band. I want it to simply be a means of serving you, the listener, by giving you thoughts to think about and ideas to ponder. I want it to only be a means of bringing me to you; to meet you; to laugh with you; to cry with you; to be a part of your life, and you a part of mine. This week we are offering his song "Living In Reality" off his self-titled EP, Kilo, as our featured download of the week. We hope you enjoy it!



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