Free Song!! Fearless BND "We Lift You Higher"


Fresh, unique, innovative, and most definitely eclectic, Fearless BND is the sound of what happens when young, creative believers are asked to get personal and dig deep. Fearless BND- the sound of worship at Fearless LA-is launching a novel 'loaves and fishes' approach to creating new music for the church. The sole purpose? To equip and empower for pastors and worship leaders with songs, media, video, graphics, sermon/song notes, tutorials and more. One innovative, congregationally-ready media package at a time, every first Friday of the month. And this week we are excited to offer you a free download of their song "We Lift You Higher." If you like what you hear be sure to head to iTunes to check out the rest of their songs!
 Click Here To Download The Song!


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