Plant Therapy's July Daily Deals!

Daily Deals - Save 10% on Select Products
Check out Plant Therapy's Daily Deals for July! Save 10% off a different product every day for the whole month of July. And don't forget to check back every day! These deals only last 24 hours! So don't miss it!

The Daily Deal can be found right on the home page under the header image. 

Enjoy the Daily Deal and start saving!
  • 1st-4th- Pictured Below
  • 5th- Ravensara 10 ml
  • 6th- Spearmint 10 ml
  • 7th- Green AromaSens Diffuser
  • 8th- Blues Buster Synergy 10 ml
  • 9th- Organic Naiouli 10 ml
  • 10th- Blood Orange 30 ml
  • 11th- Shea Butter Crude/Unrefined
  • 12th- Multi Color Inhaler 8-Pack
  • 13th- Chamomile Roman 5 ml
  • 14th- Almond Carrier Oil 16 oz
  • 15th- Helichrysum Italicum 5 ml
  • 16th- KidSafe® Better Than Kisses 10 ml
  • 17th- Lavender Hydrosol 16 oz
  • 18th- Germ Fighter 10 ml
  • 19th- Cajeput 10 ml
  • 20th- KidSafe® Calming The Child 30 ml
  • 21st- Garlic 10 ml
  • 22nd- KidSafe® Silky Soft 10 ml
  • 23rd- Palmarosa 30 ml
  • 24th- Eucalyptus Radiata 10 ml
  • 25th- Tea Tree Lotion
  • 26th- Sage 10 ml
  • 27th- Clarity 10 ml
  • 28th- Black Pepper 10 ml
  • 29th-Organic Tea Tree 30 ml
  • 30th- Citronella 10 ml
  • 31st-KidSafe® Go Go Go 10 ml
*Deals are subject to change.
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Daily Deals
Plant Therapy
July 1st Daily Deal
The rich, warm aroma of Allspice is reminiscent of fall especially when combined with oils such as Sweet Orange, Clove Bud and Cinnamon. Because of this rich scent, Allspice is often a favorite with men and can be used as a grounding scent for cologne.
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Plant Therapy
July 2nd Daily Deal
Cedarwood Atlas can help support healthy respiratory function; diffuse equal amounts of Cedarwood and pine oils together to make a soothing aroma which can help with respiratory problems associated with pollen. 
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Plant Therapy
July 3rd Daily Deal
It’s common for people who go barefoot in warm, moist areas like locker rooms or swimming pools to have problems with the skin on their feet or toenails. Our Derma-Shield synergy contains essential oils that when used over time can help control these problems. Derma-Shield should be well diluted in a carrier oil or aloe vera gel for use on the skin on and in between the toes.
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Plant Therapy
July 4th Daily Deal
We could all use more energy at times! Plant Therapy's Energy Synergy was created to give you a little boost during the day when you start feeling your energy drop. It is also great to help get your mind and body up and going in the mornings! For children, try our fantastic companion KidSafe synergy blend called Go Go Go.
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